People and work who inspire what I do.

The term 'hat tip', a sign of respect and acknowledgement, originated back when people wore hats. On Twitter dot com, my favorite social media platform, the term is often abbreviated as 'H/T'.

Thanks to the persistence of Ms. Janet Elbom, newspaper adviser for LBJ and LASA High Schools, I learned long ago that it is important to cite one's sources. But it is particularly important, downright necessary, to give credit where it is due in a society which systemically attributes to White men the work and ideas of women, Black people and other people of color. Working in the spaces I do, I can easily be one of those White men. I hope to prevent that, through this list and other means of recognition.

I cannot do what I do without the work of others whose work creates, defines and enriches the physical, political and theoretical space in which I do it. I hope you can be inspired by them, too.


Ellen Green Loeb

Ralph Loeb, Jr.

The National Lynching Memorial

Maya Lin

Jane Jacobs’ The Death and Life of Great American Cities

Dr. Ibram X. Kendi’s Stamped from the Beginning

Hood Studio

Who Builds Your Architecture?

Sara Zewde

Harvard GSD AASU’s Black in Design

Design Jones

Adjaye Associates

Curator Gia Hamilton

Activist Zyahna Bryant

Monument Lab

For Freedoms

Carla Williams’ Material Life

Dr. Sharon Egretta Sutton’s When Ivory Towers Were Black

The Rebuild Foundation

Journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones

The People's Institute for Survival and Beyond

East Austin Coalition for Quality Education

Carla Jackson Bell’s Space Unveiled: Invisible Cultures in the Design Studio

Architectural and planning historian Brian D. Goldstein

Dr. Sharon Egretta Sutton, FAIA

Designing the We’s Undesign the Redline

Planner and organizer Dasjon S. Jordan

Keri Edwards, Michelle Barrett and NOMAS-TU

Designer Bryan Bradshaw

Blake Allen

Black Gotham Experience

New Orleans Councilmember Dorothy Mae Taylor

The #BlackPride4 of Columbus, Ohio

Designer, organizer and photographer John Miller Ludlam

Artist and organizer Shoshana Gordon

Latent Design

Racial justice educator Debby Irving




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